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Helpful Articles For Training Your Doodle

We are adding new articles to help you with training your Doodle. Please come back to check out new articles as they are posted.

Crate training and housebreaking your puppy

Children and the new puppy

Your puppy's first day home

Must Speak Dog

Pet Emergency Kit Necessities - So your dog drank your bottle of wine, or was stung by a bee AGAIN? WHAT DO YOU DO? - WHO DO YOU CALL? Steps you can take, and numbers to call to ensure your pet's well-being.

Poisonous Plants/Parts List - Weren't your Daffodils pretty ...until Rover ate them! Which plants/parts are poisonous answered here.

Potty Training Tips Form - Obviously, one of the biggest hurdles, and one the messiest!

Leadership - DO NOT let you puppy/dog control you, the house, or your children!

Infants, Children and Your new Puppy/Dog - Tips on NOT letting your dog rule the roost, as well as introducing the new baby to the dog, and the new puppy to the children.

Puppy Socialization - DO you have a shy puppy, an overactive pup, or one that needs a bit more structure or assistance in socializing? Tips to help you here!

Crate Training - Ok you "softies"...puppies and dogs DO actually like their crate, and will like their "space" even if they do not right away.

Puppy Biting and Mouthing - It is not uncommon for most puppies to bite in nip in play. However it still can be a less than desirable behavior, and is one that you can teach the puppy NOT to do.

Teaching a Puppy to Settle Down - So your kids (or your husband) get the puppy all wild and crazy just before bed time? Here are some tips on how the assist your puppy to relax when it gets over-excited.

Reward Based Training - This outlines techniques for training your puppy/dog in any situation using positive reinforcement, inclusive of some of the circumstances above.

The CORRECT way a Doodle/Poo should be groomed - This outlines the look and manner in which a doodle of any kind should be groomed true to its breed WITH pictures! Poodles are great, but if you wanted a Poodle, you would have bought one! Faces, tails and feet kept UNSHAVED! - NO "puppy cuts"! Take TO your Groomer, or do it yourself!


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