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I just wanted you to know that Bailey, our miniature golden doodle purchased from you last year is doing great. She is just an amazing, wonderful, smart dog. Her adult coat has come in and it is so soft, wavy and so beautiful.

She was the star of her puppy kindergarten, as well as the intermediate and advanced obedience classes. She has also just finished her Therapy Dog Certification. We have been visiting the local schools and nursing homes visiting and she really seems to connect to each person she meets in a special way. She seems to know just what each person needs from her, whether it be a soft shoulder to sit quietly next to and listen quietly while they read their favorite book, or to lie quietly in a lap sleeping while she is adored by an elderly patient. She is truly a favorite wherever she goes. I am told that on the days that Bailey visits our local nursing homes, the patients are far more animated and happy than on other days, and that they eat more and participate more in other activities as well.

Her size is perfect also. She has grown to almost 35lbs, and is a perfect lap dog, but who can still jog with me every day. I cannot tell you how much we love her and how proud of her we are. Everyone who meets her just cannot believe how beautiful and well behaved she is. I tell anyone who is interested about you and your dogs and how beautiful your ranch is, as well as your dogs, and how well they are cared for. I cannot thank you enough for Bailey.

Hopefully we will see you at the Dallas doodle romp this fall. Give hugs and kisses for Bailey's mama and take care. More pictures of her to come soon!


Laura Jenson
Dallas, Texas



Cheyenne Valley Labradoodles

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