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Hi Heather,

As you know, we lost our golden retriever who had lived to be 13 1/2.  We were crushed and felt we would never find a dog as incredible as he was.  My niece had gotten a puppy from you who was absolutely adorable and very sweet.

I looked at your website and saw Barney, a standard sized goldendoodle.  His eyes were so kind and gentle that we knew we had found a new best buddy.  Barney is everything we thought he would be.  He is gentle and sweet with my 1 1/2 year old granddaughter.  We were at thanksgiving at my sister in law's house.  Barney was surrounded by children and adults who just wanted to play with him.  He was amazing.  He just let everyone play with him and pet him.  He truly is a gentle soul who one day, I hope will be able to certified as a therapy dog for a local children's hospital.

Again, my family wants to thank you for the most loving, incredible puppy we could have ever hoped for.

E. Altman




Cheyenne Valley Labradoodles

Cheyenne Valley Labradoodles
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