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Hi Heather!  This is not the most recent picture of "Baxter" but he still looks pretty much like this, just a little shaggier!  I wanted 
to thank you for sending us such a fabulous dog.  You must miss him!  
He has become a wonderful addition to our family and just such a love, when he is not exercising his puppy teeth on us!~  In fact, the tooth fairy came last night and brought him some treats for one of his lost "razors" that we retrieved as he was trying to eat it! (this, was of course, my sons
idea!):o)  I think we will enroll him in some agility classes as he is the fastest, most agile dog I have ever seen!  He leaps from mound to mound and over bushes with so much ease!  He has not taken to swimming yet but I think he is thinking about it as he likes to teeter on the edge of the pool contemplating joining us!  He does however, love to dig holes and role in the black mulch.  Perhaps he thought he should have been a chocolate pup!

Anyway, just wanted to say we love and adore him and all our friends can not believe how "mellow" of a puppy he is!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and I will send along more photos soon.

The Clarke Family



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Cheyenne Valley Labradoodles
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