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Hi Heather,

Feel free to post this on your reference page. I want to let anyone who is looking for a good breeder, know that they need look no further than you and Cheyenne Valley! We have had our Buford for over a year now and he is doing great! Our trainer thinks he is one of the smartest dogs he has ever worked with. And he's playful, sweet natured, intuitive, and mischievous as well as a great snuggler. And he's simply gorgeous.... Just like his sisters, your Chloe and Sydney. He is a very healthy boy too. And we just love him!

I once read what my favorite dog author, Jan Fennell, recommends a potential new owner look for in a good dog breeder. And Heather, you meet every one of her recommendations. I was able to meet Bu's mother and learn about the history of both of his parents. This history included the results of health tests performed on both parents as well as their temperaments.

You provided a health warranty for all your puppies (even though we never had a need for it). We were able to meet you, the breeder, and see where our Bu had lived for the first weeks of his life. You have never failed to answer any questions we might have had, both before and after Bu came home to live with us.

You even sent home a favorite toy and a small bag of food for Bu when we came to pick him up! And we still have the little blanket with his mother's scent on it that you sent home with Bu to comfort him his first few days in his new home. And best of all, even though it's a year later, you still continue to show interest in our Buford's progress and well being. What more could you ask for in a breeder?

Thank you once more Heather. Thanks for both the great experience we had with you and for our wonderful Buford!

- Karen



Cheyenne Valley Labradoodles

Cheyenne Valley Labradoodles
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