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Hi Heather,

I hope that this note finds you and your family doing well and enjoying the summer. I wanted to update you in how well Daisy is doing. She will be graduating her puppy training class this week with top honors. In every test Daisy has scored number one in her class. The trainers, vet, and everyone who meets her absolutely love her. Daisy went to the vet yesterday and now weighs 25lbs and is as healthy as can be. Daisy and the boys have developed a wonderful relationship and she accompanies us everywhere. Daisy loves to go swimming and to the park. We are looking forward to Daisy progressing in her training and becoming certified in service work.

Thank you again for all you have done in bringing Daisy to our family. She is a wonderful addition and we love her to pieces. I have attatched a recent photo and hope you enjoy it.

All the best,

~E. Gelman

Dear Heather,

I write this letter with the utmost grattitude and warmth in my heart. Your generosity in giving of your time to speak with me and answers to my many emails have been a blessing. A year ago I began the journey of searching for the perfect dog for my son and family. I was ready to give up and then I found you. You are not just a breeder, you are a true person, one who not just mothers her children, but her dogs.

We welcomed Daisy home and she amazed us with her love the second she walked in the door. Daisy follows the boys around everywhere and loves to snuggle and nap with my husband or I. She is amazingly mellow and loving. When we took her to the vet even she could not believe how perfect Daisy is. Our lives are fuller and better for having her in it.

Daisy has adjusted so well, she is very eager to please and protect my children as well as just to love and play with them.

I truly believe that you chose the best match for us. I am not so sure that I could have done it myself. If anyone is looking for a great breeder and Labradoodle they should look no further than you.

You know your dogs, the breed and how to match the individual puppy with a family.

I can not thank you enough for all that you have done. We will keep you updated with photos as she grows as well as all of her training progress. I hope you enjoy the photos so far.

Thanks Again,




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