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Hi Heather!

We are all well and Fletch is doing great! He is looks like a little black bear cub.

When I was talking to you before I told you that we had a 13 year old lab that was in failing health. The day after I picked Flecth up from you she passed away after one last walk in the mountians. So I can not tell you what a blessing having the new puppy was. He is a gentle soul and so sweet. He has helped to fill a hole left in our hearts when Remi passed away.

We put him in puppy school so we could learn how to train him. He is so smart and a very fast learner. He was house trained in about a week.

His coat is beautiful and we have seen no signs of shedding. I try to brush him everyday just so he is used to it.

I appreciate all of the information you gave me on the breed when we first talked and I am so glad that Fletch came from your home. He came to me loving kids and very socialized. He loves to walk the kids to school because he knows he will get extra attention and there will other dogs to play with. He always takes a nap when we get home!

It is fun having a "labrodoodle"....just so when people ask "What kind of dog is he......" we always get a laugh and a great conversation about what good dogs they must be.

I will get some pictures of him today and get them sent to you. He is so beautiful you need to see him big and fluffy!

Be assured that your puppy is happy and healthy and very loved!

Have a great 4th and look for pictures to follow!



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