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 – I cannot thank you and your family enough – you have changed my life.  I own 2 business and didn’t make time
For much of anything social for the past few years.    I adopted Katie and my life is so much better.  I realized that I have a short time to teach her a lot.  She’s been going to puppy social since I brought her home at 8 weeks old.  She’s now 16 ½ weeks old.  She plays with Chiuaua’s  and Akita’s.  She is engaged already to a Portuguese Water Dog named Stash.   Stash is a good boy and is totally acceptable to me.  He is the pooch of Katie’s trainer and husband.  I’ll send you
An invite to the wedding! (just kidding).  Katie is a very smart dog – house and crate trained.  She can sit, stay, lay down, shake, watch and heel. (almost with the heel).  We’ve only had 2 lessons – but I try to take her anywhere I go.  She comes to my office and I hardly remember she’s laying next to me.  She can swim laps and has a favorite float that she floats around the pool on (the hammock type).  She’s been through one float – but they’re inexpensive at Walmart.
On top of all that…..she is beautiful.  I mean beautiful.  With a mom like Jordie and dad like Rocky, no wonder.
Please let me know if you mate the two of them again.  I’ll bet I could sell every one of her next litter!  Katie and I drive around in the summer in a Mercedes convertible.  I’m not sure if they think we look alike (both blondes), (mine’s a dye job), or of course because she’s so adorable.  She has a harness and is buckled in – but she won’t move until I tell her to. 

When I visited your doggie ranch, I realized just how serious you are.  Your place was clean as a whistle and the doll/puppy homes are such an amazing idea.  I am amazed at Katie’s coat.  You told me – brush her every few weeks and when she gets dirty – let her dry and it falls right off - -it’s so true!  I am used to my bichon’s coats, which require so much maintenance.  I don’t have to take her to the groomer at all.  Lastly – I’m sure you don’t remember, I had to give my husband naming rights for the pup – (he did ok) – in order to get a puppy.  Katie sleeps on our bed –and he loves her so much!  Thank you-thank you-thank you…to you and your family.  I know you must work so hard – as it’s not an easy business.  One of the reasons that I chose you – was that your children are active in the upbringing of the puppies – and though we have no young children – we have friends that do.  She loves kids!  I live in NJ – and would only buy from 3 breeders – you, a breeder in Alabama and a breeder in Maine.  The breeder in Alabama, charges almost twice as much as you do – (Katie looks just like a teddy bear doodle)  - and the one in Maine, had no pups available at the
Time we were looking.  You also made the delivery very easy.  I was at a convention from Wednesday to Sunday, in downtown Dallas – and you accommodated me by delivering the pup to the airport and allowing us to catch our flight on time with no stress.  Please feel free to use the enclosed picture if you’d like – it was taken by a professional photographer- who I am related to – luckily.  She’s special and we’ll never forget you or your family.

L. McLachlan
Somerville, NJ
PS.  Please use me as a reference, if anyone wants a recommendation


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