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Hi Heather: 

 It is hard to believe that a little less than a year ago we brought Kodi home to San Antonio!  I have attached a few pictures for you to see our big boy now.  He is exactly as you described him before we ever met him.  He is all boy...playful but not too rough, gentle, loving but also very protective of our family.  He has never met a person or dog that "he knows" should not be his friend.  And they always give in to his rough and tumble playing but he "owns" them with his tenderness and "oh so sweet kisses"!  He loves paper towels, actually obsesses over them.  He would rather steal a paper towel than a piece of cheese!  I always joke that heaven for Kodi is the paper products aisle at Costco!  We thank you again for giving us the very best gift by allowing us to love and raise Kodi!  I did not think I would know what it was like to raise a boy (since I have only daughters) but thanks to Kodi, I now understand the joy and the laughter that comes from having a little guy in your life.


Kodi's Mom
(aka  C. Riley)

Look how Kodi has grown!




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