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Hi Heather.  

I hope this note finds you well.  Just an update on Kylie.....she is just about 2.5 years old (born in May 2007) and 27 pounds and still living in NYC. She does not shed at all and has never caused me or my husband and allergies. She is energetic, playful and social with dogs and people. She is a wonderful big sister to our 20 month old twins.  The girls absolutely love her. Kylie is still my number 1 girl and brings so much love and positive energy to our family.  She is a star in the neighborhood.  Her tempermant is gentle and sweet and she is the calmest dog I (and most) have ever met.  There are a 3 other mini Goldendoodles in our neighborhood, but none compare to her in beauty or personality.  I credit you and have passed on your information to more people than I could possibly count.  She is so much more than we could ever have wished for.  We look forward to the day when we get a house and can get another.  Kylie is also well loved and admired amongst our families (all dog lovers).  Most recently, my Aunt and Uncle lost their beloved Golden Retriever.  They have said in the past that Kylie would be perfect for them, as they are getting older and a Golden would be an unwise choice to head into retirement with.  They are now ready and extremely anxious to adopt a mini Goldendoodle and I insisted that they go directly to you since We have had the most incredible experience through you.  I told her to take a look at the website and to contact you to discuss availability and get the chance for you to get to know her and vice versa.  She is, of course, already convinced as she and my Uncle fell in love with Kylie 2 years ago.  I encourage you to take the oppurtunity to speak with her, I believe that they will be the perfect candidates for adopting one of your puppies. And we look forward to Kylie having a new cousin.  

Thank you again for the joy that you have given us.  The love and care that you put into your work shines through in so many ways.  You will be happy to know that Kylie is well loved and taken care of by her family, as we are by her.  All the best to you and your family.   


T. Altman




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