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Hi Heather!!

I picked up my black golden doodle (daughter of Misty and Rocky) in February. She was born on Christmas day and when I called you I wanted a "lover" dog. I got that and much much more! I was going to name her Sophia but she is just so funny - Lucy fit her better. She is so smart and graduated from obedience class with honors. She won the grand prize for coming the fastest when called!! She goes everywhere with me except work and she loves everyone. I've socialized her at the doggy park where no one knows my name but everyone calls out to Lucy when we arrive. Did I mention she's SMART!! I've attached a couple of pictures for your "placed puppies" page.

Oh, you can also see a you tube of her performing tricks by clicking here. We're in agility classes and she looooooooooves tunnels! She also loves to play in water... any water.. she dunks her entire head in and then comes out shaking. It's hysterical.

My ten year old german shepherd is so much happier with Lucy around. He's even acting like a puppy again!

Thank you so much for raising such wonderful dogs!







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