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Macie Goose
and her family


Hi Heather

I am sending you proof that Macie Goose has been spayed.  I am also sending a few pictures of her.  Macie is the daughter of Gracie and Moose (that is where her name comes from).  She is a GREAT dog!!  You did a wonderful job helping us pick her out - I have been amazed that she has been everything that we said we wanted!!  We have taken her on a couple of long trips and she travels well.  She is very smart and learns so fast.  In June she completed basic obedience school.  As you can see in the pictures she doesn't have much hair - we shaved her for her comfort during the hot summer. Macie is a big hit with everyone she meets. Thanks - she has been a great addition!!

M. and T. Schul



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