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Just wanted to send you an update on Rosebud (Gracie-Moose puppy). We have had her for a little over a month, and she has been the perfect puppy. She does great in the crate, sleeps all night long (and has since the time that we brought her home), is great with the kids.  I am amazed that she doesn't bark.  Hardly makes a noise, even when she sees other dogs or the neighbors dogs are out nearby and barking at her.  We haven't had any problems with our allergies.  Jennifer has enrolled her in obedience classes, and she has been attending those for the past couple of weeks with some positive gains.  She is pretty much house trained (we have hung a bell on the back door, and she knocks it with her snout when she needs to go out).   If you ever need a reference for any prospective clients, please feel free to use us.  Thanks for everything.

Merry Christmas,

J. Barr

Hi Heather,

I was looking at our puppy "Dood's" mom and dad, Gracie and Moose just remind myself what his parents look like and wow, Dood is a perfect blend of both of them.  I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy him and how much he has enhanced our life,  We take him to our showroom each day and our customers and employees have all fallen in love with him.  He is the perfect babysitter for the small children that have come in with their parents and the perfet door man as he greets each customer as they come in while always managing to stay by my side at the same time.  Customers come in now and ask for him by name, he is such a hit.

We are enjoying him so much, friends and two grown sons tease us that we have a new child, well we do!  Thanks again for breading this perfect person, oops! I mean puppy.  I highly recommend your puppies to anyone and would be pleased to give any recommendations you may need.

People ask why we named him Dood, they ask if it's because of the movie "The Big Labowski", we laugh and say no.  Its because he is a Doodle and he comes from Texas, he is the real deal, the real Dude, we just spell it Dood instead. 
Heather, I can't thank you enough,

 T & C. Campanile
Redwood Shores, California

Hi Heather.

I just wanted to personally thank you for being responsible for bringing Roxy, who we bought from you just after July 4th, 2007, into our lives. She is absolutely the best dog anyone could have. She is so easy going and sweet and loving and cute. I could go on and on.
Everywhere we go, people fall in love with her. She loves every person and every dog she meets. She has never destroyed anything in our house, she is so incredibly patient with our 5 and 8 year old boys, she seems to be smiling all of the time. I've never had a dog in my life and I definitely had a tough time accepting the amount of work that fell on me. No matter how much people warn you, you don't understand until you are there. I think that because I never have had a dog before, but I do have kids, I treat her like my child in a way--I never want her to be unhappy. So, I walk her a lot since she's so incredibly social and obviously so much happier when being walked then when let outside to roam in the backyard by herself. That took getting used to but she pays me back in spades with love and devotion. My kids say they feel terrible for any kid who doesn't have a dog. They love her more than I ever imagined anyone could love an animal. When we went on vacation at Christmas break and our babysitter (I work 3 days a week and she is here) took her for a week, my kids buried their heads in their pillows and cried for Roxy at least once a day! Anyway, I've thought about writing this to you often since I'm so grateful to you for her, but I haven't had the chance to do so until now. I hope all is well with your next litter!

L. Cohen

P.S. Roxy has a standing "playdate" every Friday with her sister who you sold to Scott and Jenny in our town!



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