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Dear Heather,

Well, it's been 6 months since Ruby has come into my life.  As you might remember, all my former dogs had been rescued and Ruby is my first puppy in 30 years.  I think all my pups got together in "doggie heaven" and sent me a special gift.  She is a constant joy to me.  She's happy, loving, wonderful with my grandkids and a gracious guest when invited to friend's houses. 

My oldest grandaughter is asthmatic, hence my need for a hypoallergenic dog.  Heather, they sleep curled around each other and Anya has not reacted once!  My youngest granddaughter is 20 months old and either Ruby thinks Drew is a dog or Drew thinks Ruby is a human.  They are inseparable.  My grandson is in Little League and Ruby will retrieve his pitches all day long!

Ruby is the star of her training class and has done some agility training as well.  She is very well behaved unless she is off chasing a bug or digging holes chasing the voles in the backyard.  She has many friends in the neighborhood and we host "play dates" in my backyard frequently.

Yesterday was her "First Bark Day" and we had a party.  She, as usual, was the star.  So, Heather, Ruby is a happy, well-adjusted and loving pup.  She is my constant companion and I am totally in love with her.  Much of this is due to you giving her such a good start in life.  I thank you so much for all you have done for her and many thanks again for sending her to me. I have attached some pictures (probably too many).............  enjoy and thanks again.    

I have heard so many horror stories about irresponsible breeders...... YOU ROCK, WOMAN!  Keep on doing what you're doing ... you make so many people happy!

JoAnn Goldberg



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