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Hello Heather,

We would like to Thank you so much for bringing Stanley into our lives. He has brought us such joy and companionship. He is now 2.5 years old and is such a sweet natured dog who is absolutely part of the family. My girls love him, play with him and smother him with 'kindness" and he loves every minute of it. Stanley is a VERY smart dog with lots of energy. His favorite thing to do is go for a hike in the local mountains (he climbs like a pro!) He has had no health problems at all. Stanley has such a sweet nature, he is loving and gentle (very important to us) and yet is fun to be with. All in all, our adoption process with you was so easy, straight forward and very positive. I would recommend Cheyenne Valley to anyone who is looking for a high quality puppy to become part their family.
I have included photos of Stanley as a puppy and both "clipped" for the summer months or "shaggy" for the winter. Although he is an "inside dog" with us - his non-shedding makes this a pleasure - the summer clip helps to keep him groomed when he swims, which he loves to do.
Thanks again for sharing this wonderful dog with us. We love him so!   I am happy for you put this letter on your website so others will know what wonderful dogs come from Cheyenne Valley Labradoodles.

The Cordray Family.
Frisco, Texas.


Hello Heather, 

Just thought you may like an update on Stanley. Yesterday he went for his 12 wk check. He had his shots and did very well all around. According to the Vet he is in top shape and very healthy. When we took him at 7wks 3 days he weighed 13.6 lbs, at 11wks 6 days he weighed 24.9lbs. My vet informed me that "he is going to be a moose!". She also said that "he is one of the most beautiful, calm and all 'round adorable puppies" she has ever seen (of course I already knew that!). She told me that he was exactly like a fluffy toy that had come to life. How funny, and how true. He is such a character and keeps us falling more in love with him every day. The house training is great and he has "got it". He is very healthy and definitely at home here with us. Thanks again for everything. I have had a few enquiries about him and have passed your number on - hope you don't mind. They all want "a Stanley" and I am not sure that is an easy thing to reproduce - he is one of a kind.
Take care.

Kind regards,

Samantha and the rest of the Cordray family




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