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Hi Heather, I wanted to let you know how much we love Sunny and how great he is doing. We brought him to doggy day care yesterday and no one could get over what a good natured dog he is. They kept saying, "is there anyone he doesn't get along with" and "does Sunny ever have a bad day?"

He really is an amazing dog. I can't tell you how much we love him and how perfectly suited he is to our family. A watchdog he's not but the friendliest, most good natured, loving, easy going animal we have ever met? Yes, that he is. Not incidentally, he is also just a beautiful dog. He has a lovely, long cream colored coat that doesn't shed at all and is super soft and the most adorable little run.

Anyway, thank you for running such a tight ship and for putting such profound care into your breeding program. The dogs speak for you.

With enormous gratitude,

N. Fernandez






Cheyenne Valley Labradoodles

Cheyenne Valley Labradoodles
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