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To Whom it May Concern:

Words cannot begin to express how much happiness the dogs that I received from Heather (Taner and Chloe) have brought me! Let me start in the beginning, when I first contacted Heather about Taner she was very, very helpful and informative. She answered all my questions and really educated me. Every time I called her and or emailed her, she was always there for me. If she could not talk at the time, she always called me back in a reasonable amount of time. She said to me when you receive a dog from me you will also receive a lifetime of support and that statement is so true to this day! It’s been over a year now that I have had Taner and when I have questions, she is still always here for me to talk to and or answer my emails. I send her pictures of the dogs on a regular basis and she is always so happy to have updates on them and see the pictures.

Then came my Chloe girl from Heather! She is just as super as Taner!  Chloe is my standard Australian labradoodle momma. I purchased her as a breeding dog. Heather also totally educated me and mentored me regarding breeding. I learned more from Heather than I did from the breeding books I read! She shared every day real life experiences with me regarding the Australian labradoodles and life as a breeder which I am so thankful for.

Both the dogs I received from Heather are absolutely wonderful! I'll start with my little Taner!  Taner is my little "Momma's Boy!" He is a mini Australian labradoodle with a huge heart!! He is so full of positive fun energy when he first sees us in the morning that he jumps up and down and kisses us all over-it makes mornings so much nicer! It is also so much fun to watch him play; he's like a little clown! He absolutely loves other dogs too! When it’s down time he is like a cuddly little teddy bear in your lap-or should I say "like a hound dog" like Heather first described him when he is in your lap. People that meet him say he is so cute; he looks like one of them stuffed animal dogs! I could not have asked for a better dog!

As for Chloe her temperament is just as wonderful! She loves people and loves to be around me. She follows me around the house and stays right by my feet when I am settled. She has a wonderful soft coat just like Taners. They are both allergy friendly which makes life so nice as my husband has extreme allergies to animals. It’s also nice as I don't have hair all over my house like some pet owners.
Anyways, my dogs-including Ruffa are my life! When people ask how many children do you have, I say 5 Andrew, Crystal (my human children), Ruffa, Taner and Chloe (my pet children). They all have such wonderful temperaments that I bring them everywhere with me even to work! We run a small magic and costume shop and the customers that come in here cannot believe what wonderful temperaments they have-not to mention how good looking and soft they are! I get so many complements it’s unbelievable!
I cannot thank Heather enough for the happiness she has brought into my family for sending us Taner and Chloe. She is truly one of my Angels. I thank God for her daily and I recommend her to all. You will not be disappointed with Heather or her dogs. You will not only get a dog but you will also get lifelong support. Thank you for letting me share!

Nicole E.




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