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To whom it concerns,

In the fall of 2008 we became "empty nesters" and a few months later we lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Brandi.  At first we had decided not to get another dog, but the house was so empty!  My husband only wanted a golden retriever, but I wanted a smaller dog.  I went online and our wish came true when we found your website and your goldendoodles!  We decided on a mini F1 goldendoodle with a flat coat,  because they grow up to look like smaller golden retrievers.

We chose Zoey first, and then decided she needed a playmate, and luckily we were able to get her sibling, Bailey, from the same litter. They are named after their parents, Zeus' little Zoey and Brooke's beautiful Bailey!  They are low shedding and odor free. 

The little one, Zoey is the boss!  She is more playful and always wants to be playing with toys and close by you and Bailey is more easy going and loves to cuddle and play outdoors.  Together they bring us much joy.  Everyone always asks us what type of dogs they are and tell us how beautiful our "doodles" are. They have been leash trained and walk together amazingly well.  They are smart and fun-loving, love other dogs, people and children, and were easy to train. Heather was right on the money when she told us how big they would get and Zoey is 25 lbs. and Bailey is 30 lbs. I would recommend a goldendoodle for anyone!

J. and G. Embrey
Huntsville, Alabama



Cheyenne Valley Labradoodles

Cheyenne Valley Labradoodles
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