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Every Cheyenne Valley labradoodle and goldendoodle puppy is loved and cared for while it is in our home just as if it is a puppy we were raising to keep.

Before your puppy flies, we will have helped to condition him to a kennel crate. After weaning, he will spend each night in a crate, first with brothers and sisters, then later alone in his own, new crate. This is the same one he will fly in.

We also include toys to help keep the puppy occupied during his way to his new home. Note: some airlines will not allow toys to ship with the puppy.

The cost of flying your puppy can vary but generally, the shipping costs are $300.00. This price includes the NEW carrier which is yours to keep, the health certificate from our Vet, and of course, the airfare.

Puppies may be picked up from our home if you like. I live one hour from Dallas Texas. If you live too far away to pick up your new baby, we do deliver anywhere in the United States and most parts of Canada.

We use American Airlines, Delta, or Continental Airlines depending on the destination and time in transit.

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Cheyenne Valley Labradoodles

Cheyenne Valley Labradoodles
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